The Convention that's JAM paked with  extras!

Vendors/Exhibitors confirmed: 

Guest of Honor

Neil Trais (illustrator/designer, former Art Director-Comico)

Special Guests

Joe Zierman/BigBang Comcs/INTER-FAN (INTER-fANthology)
Nino Mesarina/209 Avenue Studios (Unbelievable Laundry Detergent Man)

Other Guests

Rod/Barb Jenkins and Robert Boyd/Kiss Me Comix (Serenade, Bounty Hunter, Excessive Force, Lynx)
Turtel Onli ( Publisher and Distributor of Black Age Books and Products)
Steve/Missy Piscione, Caelyn Nagle, Natalie Thomas and Rich Maier/Kaosfield Studio (Shreds and Bullet)
Lance Stahlberg/Rogue Wolf (Nocturnal Essence, Red Shift)
Ralph Ramirez/MR. Comics
David Gruba/Grubbmaster Studios
Mohammed (Moe) Naser/209 Avenue Studios (ULDM Activity Book)
LaMorris Richmond/B.L.A.M. Comics (Canton Kid, Purge)
Lance (DOC) Boucher & Krista (LADYDOC) Boucher/ (INTER-FANthology)
Donna Upshaw/Steeltown Funnies (Forever Steeltown)
Nick (DJ) Hebert/


Dreamtime Collectables
Critical Effect Games and Hobbies

Vendors/Guests scheduled:

Bill Payuk/Collectable items
John Marshall/Prepaid Legal Advise
June Reister/Stamp Art
Steven (SONOFDOC) Boucher/MAGIC Gamer at large

**Guests subject to change